So You've Made the Decision to open up

Do you want to be sure that you've made the right decision?

Are you ready to challenge the societal norms about sexuality and relationships?

Introducing the "Open Relationship Roadmap: The Secrets to Success"!

This digital course is designed to guide you from feelings of uncertainty and fear to confidence and empowerment in your relationships, life, and your sex-positive journey to authenticity.  Even if your path is one of Conscious Monogamy, this roadmap will be invaluable.

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What Will You Get Out of This Course?

You Will Get Clear Direction

Say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty as you gain clarity on your journey towards open and authentic connections. Through four comprehensive modules, you'll learn the fundamental principles and secrets to navigating open relationships with confidence and ease.

You Will Build Your Confidence

No more feeling nervous or afraid of judgement. You'll discover the tools and strategies to build confidence in yourself and your relationships, empowering you to communicate your needs and desires with clarity and authenticity.

You Will Rediscover Yourself

Dive deep into self-exploration and rediscover who you truly are. You'll uncover your deepest desires and understand what you need to work on to live your most exciting, beautiful life.

You Will Find Empowerment

 Learn the importance of self-love and setting boundaries to be successful not only in your relationships but also in every aspect of your life. You'll emerge from this course feeling empowered to embrace your truth and live authentically, free from shame and guilt.

You Will Enjoy Learning

Say goodbye to boring lectures and overwhelming homework. My video lessons are designed to be engaging and enjoyable, allowing you to absorb the material at your own pace. Quiz assessments at the end of each module ensure you're grasping the key concepts and principles and discovering the potential bumps on your road.

So, what's holding you back?

Don't let fear or uncertainty hold you back from experiencing the deep, meaningful relationships and fulfilling life you deserve.

Why Do I Need A Roadmap?

Are you prepared for the road ahead?  Most of us have not been taught how to navigate this journey.  We are programmed for monogamy.  We are programmed to put so many expectations on others and ourselves.  

We are taught that a partner will complete us or meet our needs. 

We are told that we need to find our soulmate to be happy. 

We are taught that if we follow the path and obey the societal rules that we will find our person and live “Happily Ever After!”

Are you struggling to find this Happily Ever After? 

Well, let me tell you, you are not alone. 

Most people are seeking this elusive Happily Ever After but don’t realize that they are struggling along with the majority of other “rule followers.”

The Basic Roadmap to Successful ENM

Now that you realize the importance of a roadmap, here are the basic stops we will be looking at in this journey.

I’ve created this little graphic to help you visualize where you are going a little bit better.  I know I’m a visual person so those that are like me will find this helpful to remember.

What Is The Investment?

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